Hello and welcome. The decision to enter therapy is never an easy one. It comes at a time when people feel vulnerable and unable to cope without outside help. Recognizing this, we strive to treat our clients with utmost respect and compassion. Your therapist will work together with you, in a collaborative way, to bring about positive changes that make sense in your life and according to your values. We believe people are strong and capable of healing when they have the right support. Our hope is that therapy is a transformative process that helps our clients recognize their own strength and wisdom.

Who We Are

{alt_text} Heather Verjovsky, MA, LMFT


I am a sex and relationship therapist. I have been a member of AAMFT & MAMFT since 2008. I have experience working with couples, and I see women and men individually as well. I have special interests in treating issues associated with menopause and mature women’s sexuality, and compulsive sexual behavior (sex addiction) in both men and women.

{alt_text} Calvin Hauer, MA

I am a sex and relationship therapist. I obtained my Masters in Marriage and Family
Therapy from the University of St. Thomas. In addition to my therapeutic work I
have a 6 years experience as a sex educator specifically working from a sex positive
lens. I have experience working with individuals and couples in the BDSM and
leather communities as well as couples and individuals in the queer, trans*, non-
binary and poly communities. I specialize in work relating to masculinity, gender
identity, sobriety, and changing desire. In addition to therapy I develop and present
classes on various topics relating to sexuality and intimacy.

{alt_text} Steve Person, MA

I am a relationship therapist specializing in men’s issues. Often we can feel stuck in our lives and relationships, and outside perspective can offer some movement.  In therapy,  we will start wherever you are and work together to help get to where you want to be.  I have experience working with men, adolescents and families and look forward to working with you.