SkyHill Education

SkyHill offers several educational opportunities to professionals and clients in the Twin Cities metro area and around the nation on the diverse experiences of sexuality.  Our highly trained professionals have presented in a wide variety of Minneapolis and St. Paul settings ranging from large conferences to small community groups.  SkyHill presentations are welcoming and inclusive to people of all genders, orientations and relationship styles.

To schedule a class, or to learn more, contact:
Calvin Hauer, MA
Director of Education


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Professionals working with individuals, couples, and groups in clinics, hospitals, treatment facilities, or human services agencies are often confronted with issues around human sexuality that they do not feel adequately trained to address.  SkyHill’s professional development classes help fill in the educational gaps so you can provide high-quality services in your work setting.  We provide trainings at our facilities, or we can come to you to provide training for your staff.  Pick from classes we already have developed, or ask us to develop curriculum to fulfill the needs of your agency!

SkyHill is located at:
6800 France Ave S
Suite 520
Edina, MN 55435