Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is simply a specialized area of psychotherapy that deals directly with sexuality. Much like traditional talk therapy, treatment consists of talking to a therapist about difficulties and concerns, but with an emphasis on sexuality.  Since sexual issues most often arise in the context of relationships, our therapists are skilled marital and relationship experts who have undergone additional training to treat sexual concerns. Depending on the concern, treatment often includes practical, at-home behavioral exercises, which we like to call home-play (instead of homework!). Sessions are often educational and include exercises, techniques, and tools you can begin using after the first meeting. We do not have any sexual contact with our clients, and sessions do not include nudity or sexual behavior.


Sex Therapy can help with:

  • improving sexual functioning and satisfaction
  • overcoming a painful sexual history
  • healing sexual shame
  • addressing body image issues
  • sexual identity/coming out
  • exploring your sexual self
  • many other areas related to sexuality


Sex Therapy can help:

  • increase intimacy
  • enhance sexual and relationship satisfaction
  • encourage open sexual communication
  • learn about your partner
  • heal after infidelity
  • address desire discrepancies
  • explore non-traditional sexual expression