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Crossword Puzzles Good; Orgasms Better

August 28, 2013

Written by Heather Verjovsky

Doing crosswords and Sodoku to improve memory and keep your brain sharp?  New research out of Rutgers University suggests that orgasms go even further to keep your mind in tip top shape.  It seems that while logic activities can and do strengthen specific regions of the brain, orgasms bathe the entire brain in nutrients and oxygen responsible for keeping it healthy.  We've known for some time that orgasm has health benefits like warding off depression, easing stress, and helping to diminish pain.  This new research adds that the increased bloodflow that accompanies orgasm gives your brain a workout that can help stave off dementia.  Remember that the next time you can't find your keys!  For more info go to

Women’s Sexual Satisfaction Increases With Age

May 7, 2013

Written by Heather Verjovsky

Contrary to popular belief, a new study suggests that women's sexual satisfaction increases with age.  This recent finding may come as quite a shock to women, and men for that matter, who've been conditioned to believe that menopause is the beginning of a rapid descent into celibacy.  The study observed that women's sexual desire seems to decline with age, but also noted that desire is but one of many reasons women engage in sexual activity.  Even without desire, most women had little or no difficulty achieving arousal and orgasm regularly.  Women who did not engage in sexual activity also reported being satisfied with thier sex lives, leaving researchers to speculate that sexual satisfaction may be achieved through behaviors not typically defined as "sex," such as touching and feeling emotionally close to their partner.  The mean age of study participants was 67, with approximately half of the women over age 80.  The oldest women in the study reported the hightest level of sexual satisfaction.  Something to look forward to!  To read the full article click here.