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Sky Hill Therapy:Pleasure Principles Podcast Episode 1

January 29, 2017

Sky Hill Therapy's FIRST Podcast: Pleasure Principles!

It’s time to answer some questions about sex therapy. Listeners, get ready to explore the many benefits one can get from breaking down fears and pulling apart the layers when it comes to sex related topics. We are going to educate you on sex therapy, teach you about the education and experience of our therapists and give you resources to positively impact social change on the topic of sexuality. Listeners ask questions and get candid, real-time advice from our therapists!

Jennie Hilleren, experienced and educated Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist covers her path into practicing Sex Therapy. She talks about how, the sometimes heavy topic, can become light and beneficial to partners and individuals alike given the right therapy environment.

Calvin Hauer, a sex and relationship therapist also shares his path to practicing as a therapist. He will help answer listener questions based on his education and experience!

Listener Questions: Everything you want to know and want to ask is covered by our experienced therapists! Readers have sent in questions- Jennie and Calvin will give the listeners real advice, along with tips and tricks to make everyday questions on sex less scary.

Do you have a question you want answered by a licensed, experience therapist who has seen and heard it all? E-mail your questions to! Sky Hill Therapist will answer your questions, give you resources and you will soon learn, you are not alone!