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NEW Sky Hill Therapy Podcast:  Pleasure Principles Episode 2!

February 11, 2017

NEW Sky Hill Therapy Podcast!!

Sex therapy:  There is a not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to relationship structure of social norms. It is about helping others to maximize the effectiveness of communication and erotic connection in any relationship model.  

Hosts Jennie Hilleren and Calvin Hauer interview Carise Rotach-Beard, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and sex therapist who is a jack of many trades; sex therapist, mom, burlesque dancer, world traveler, spouse, entrepreneur, daughter of a preacher, sex educator, and writer.  Her path to the life she leads today will intrigue you; listen to Carise talk about her experience with:

  • Individuals with multi-faceted sexual identities
  • Gender identities
  • Non-normative relationships

This episode offers a special focus on individuals reconciling harmful religious messaging with sexuality. Our trio will cover fear associated with sexuality, and explore how by uncovering the layers,  individuals work beyond the fear that holds them back.  Jennie, Calvin and Carise will answer listener questions, get to the bottom of listeners questions, topics they hear every day from folks who want to know “is it just me?”

Do you have a question you want answered by a licensed, experience therapist who has seen and heard it all?  E-mail your questions to!   Sky Hill Therapist will answer your questions, give you resources and you will soon learn, you are not alone!